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Two Mikes, an acoustic guitar, and time

Hi there, after lurking for a while, finally decided to sign up and interact with the community.

If you have a moment i'd like to tap into your knowledge and experience, ie steal it from you ;)

I've been practicing miking an acoustic guitar with the (AT2041) which is, i'm sure most of you know, an AT2020 (large diaphragm) and and AT2021 (small diaphragm) condesnor mikes. I've been reading up on some different techniques.
XY (which wouldnt work for two different mics from what i've read) ...

Large dia pointed a few " below sound hole, pointed slightly inward, and Small dia around fret 12 pointed slightly inward. And yes I observe the 3:1 rule..

Even the "one mic over the shoulder technique". The shameful part is, during one session, before reading up on positioning technique, i somehow managed a great crispy sound that i havent emulated since.

I'm not paticularly trying to recreate the sound of that paticular take, but I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions for some mic placement positions (and yes I've been experimenting) ;) Just looking for some input


Oh and i record each mike to a seperate track, would you recommend recording them each individually as stereo, so each mike has a left right on it, or one as a left mono other as a right :D thanks again.. you guys are great


Cucco Mon, 03/12/2007 - 16:13
Hey CrackerBrand- Welcome!

A couple things.

1 - You actually can do XY with two different mics. I wouldn't do it on overhead mics or ensemble mics, but on acoustic guitar, it should work just fine. (Don't ever let anyone tell you what you cannot do in recording. Try it. If you like it, congratulations - it works...)

2 - Make sure your LDC isn't pointed into the sound hole. Above or below, but not in. It will be WAY too boomy that way.

Other than those two things, it sounds like you have it.

Oh, record each mic to its own mono track and pan them appropriately for he mix.

Good luck!