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Type Casted

Its official. I've been type casted. A band is hiring me just to record drums for their album.


RemyRAD Thu, 06/15/2006 - 10:52
Thata' girl Sticky! Just make sure you don't make those drum tracks sound gay? So, they don't want you to record anything else for them but the drum tracks? Is it because every time you record vocals for somebody it makes them sound like they have a lisp, with wimpy guitars and a blah bass? What type of drumheads do you use, NYLON STOCKINGS?!?! Just make sure that you put on your blue jeans and T-shirts and leave your dress and high heels in the closet please?

Tracking mud through the living room
Ms. Remy Ann David

RemyRAD Thu, 06/15/2006 - 11:55
And Stinky, please don't use that expression " Gay" as something that is not up to snuff as it could be MisconSCREWED as rather discriminatory and bigoted so maybe expressing your feelings as something like your mix sounded like "burnt toast" might be more applicable? I think that would be much more appropriate don't you?

Your Jewish mother
Ms. Remy Ann David