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UA vs. Antelope Interfaces

Hey everyone. Ive been comparing similar priced and spec'd interfaces from antelope and UA. The antelope synergy core and UA apollo x8.

There seems to be a fair amount of complaints on the antelope interfaces reguarding reliability (drivers software glitches), resale value, long term support, and life span. Antelope seems to come out with new versions much more often than other companies especially at that end of the market.

Antelope does have more connectivity options on the same interface madi, tb3, and usb3. which makes it less picky about the computer its connected to as opposed to the apollo. This isn't a deal breaker but does involve some consideration and planning, since a madi card from RMEis 1700$, and tb3 is just starting to be compatible with the new gen AMD chips.

Anyway any thoughts on sound quality, reliability, workflow, anything, related to these two manufacturers is welcomed. I would use this at a home studio for 2 years or so then possibly sell it for a flagship model in my new studio. Basic tracking, re amping, soft synths, and surround sound mixing, and playing video games/ watching movies for entertainment, would be primary uses. Essentially it would be the hub of an always on, multimedia work and entertainment system.

Having had technical issues with an 06' era Pro Tools m powered 7 system on a laptop at home, and issues with old mac pros and Mackie d8b's at the studios, it would be nice to have something that works without a lot of issues. Doesnt have to be bullet proof ala' RME, but i wouldnt be happy if there were more than very occasional hiccups.

Ultimate fidelity is welcome but not super critical since I'm not in a proper studio for listening, and these are mainly my own tracks ill be recording. For archiving and ultimate quality i will be choosing a low channel count mastering interface when i need it.



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