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Universal Audio-500-A Equalizer

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A friend of mine shot me the link to one of these on e-bay tonight hoping I'd know something, yet I had to say nay. Unit went reserve unmet at $500

did some research to no avail

anyone hear one before, and anything to get silly over?



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Guest Sun, 10/21/2001 - 05:51
They're a 2 band selectable frequency passive equalizer. You will need some kind of 'gain makeup' amplifier in the chain if you plan on using them. Because they are 'passive', there is a 12db insertion loss when you add one to a signal chain, so if you don't have an amplifier to pick up that 12db of signal loss, you're going to kinda be in deep shit.

I wouldn't pay more than a couple hundred dollars for whoever thought they were going to get over $500 on eBay...needs to up the dosage on the Prozac...