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Universal Audio LA-3A Dual


The original LA-3A Leveling Amplifier made its debut at the 1969 NY AES show and marked the departure from the tube design of the Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier. The LA-3A incorporated components and design concepts from the Putnam-designed 1176LN Limiting Amplifier. Immediately embraced as a studio workhorse and still widely used today, the LA-3A remains a favorite of engineers and producers worldwide for its unique compression characteristics and sonic signature.

The UA Classics reissue of the LA-3A meticulously retains all the internal and external qualities of the original. It sports the same simple control set and the T4 electro-optical attenuator, which is the source of the LA-3A's program dependent compression. It also retains the 2RU half-rack design, and comes complete with a single-unit rack assembly; no additional kit is necessary. All the original rear panel connections and controls are enhanced by LA-3A gain mod switch for maximum studio versatility.

Universal Audio LA-3A Dual Classic Audio Leveler Features:

*Classic solid-state opto-compressor
*Custom UA transformers & T4 cell
*Discrete amplifier up to 50dB gain
*Rear panel gain mod switch for gain control
*Designed by former UREI engineer Dennis Fink
BUniversal Audio LA-3A Dual Classic Audio Leveler Specifications:B

*External Connections: Jones Barrier terminals and XLR connectors
*Gain Reduction: up to 40 dB
*Distortion: less than 0.33% at +24dBm
*Frequency response: 20Hz 20kHz +- 0.5 dB
*Noise floor: -80 dB below program at threshold of limiting
*Gain: 30 +- 1dB, 50 +- 1dB
*Output level: +20 dBm nominal
*Input level: 0dBm @ 50dB gain; +20dBm @ 30dB gain
*Attack: 1.5ms or less
*Release: 0.06s for 50% release

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