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Using Alesis Multimix USB8 With Behringer Equalizer

I am trying to set up my equipment to i can record music, listen to it, and then change the equalizer settings to make it sound better, and then use the first recording to record again with the new equalizer settings. i cant work out how to do this ! could anyone give me some tips please?

I use the Alesis multimix usb8 and Behringer graphic equalizer EQ700

Thanks for any help


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 12/29/2006 - 12:13

I am not too familiar with the alesis multimix usb8, but from the pic online, it appears to have a submix out of some sort. Once you record your dry signal to track one, connect your usb8 to the eq700 by means of the submix out (or whatever it may be called). Then go from the output of the eq700 back into your usb8 on track 2 and record it while playing from track 1. I am not the greatest at saying what I'm thinking, so I hope that makes sense. The problems you may have will be with you having to use splitters/y-cables because your usb8 may only have mono ins whereas the eq700 may have stereo ins and outs. Let me know if that's clear as mud.

Robert Venable