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Using Firewire devices in Acid?

Hello, I am thinking of getting a Alesis multimix firewire 8, I was wondering if anyone has experience of recording with firewire devices in Acid Music Studio. The mixer does come with cubase le, but this version seems limited. Will I be able to record with this mixer into Acid? Will I be able to mix the files on my computer with this mixer? Or should I ditch acid and go with different software, or just upgrade to Cubase Se1?Thanks for any help.


hueseph Wed, 11/29/2006 - 17:30
You can use the multimix with AMS but, I don't think you will be able to multitrack. Don't slam Cubase LE it is slightly limited but there are some aspects of it that you will appreciate as opposed to Acid. One being, the ability to punch in. In Acid, every take results in a new track, which can be both a pain and a strain on your cpu. Another thing is the ability to use sends in LE which is another potential strain on your cpu when using Acid. Learn LE it's a great program. SE is only $150.00cdn, $99US. Cubase Studio 4 is only about $400.00 All of those allow you to multitrack. SE is an awesome deal for it's ability and far more capable than most home recordists will ever be able to take advantage of.