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Using MacBook Pro to convert analog to mp3 via GarageBand

HELP! I'm new to the forums, so hello all and thanks for any advice you may have.

I am so annoyed with myself for not being able to figure this out. I SUCK with stuff like this.

The problem: I have songs recorded onto a cassette tape via an analog 4-track recorder. The 4-track has Line In L&R and Line Out L&R. I want to get these songs onto my MacBook Pro. I talked to a friend of mine (who I can't get in touch with to help me) and he said that this is possible by hooking my 4-track up to my computer with an iPod Monster Cable and recording onto GarageBand. I just went to Radio Shack and got the "iCable." I asked the manager if it would work before I bought it and he said it should. So now I'm sitting here, getting frustrated because I can't figure this mess out. I'm trying to go about this thing methodically and logically, but I just keep getting more frustrated.

I have the L&R inputs of the Monster Cable plugged into the Line Out L&R inputs of the 4-track. I have the other single-tipped end plugged into the "Audio In" jack of my MacBook Pro. I opened GarageBand (which is the latest version, I just updated it about 15 minutes ago) and sat there confused. What now? I tried the obvious stuff first, like pressing record in GarageBand and play on the 4-track...nothing. I can't figure this crap out!

Again, any advice is appreciated. Thank you!