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versatile guitar duet/all-purpose mics?

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I'm looking for mics for my home recording setup. I want to do 2 things - record acoustic guitar duets with a modestly-priced matched pair, and record casual jams with whomever is in the room - acoustic guitar, mando, drums, amplified guitar or bass, etc. I'm looking at the Studio Projects C1 or C3 for the matched pair, and the AT4033 or 4050 for the room mic. Any opinions about the advantages of the pattern-switchable mics? I'm recording directly into my computer with an Aardvark Direct Pro. All you opinionated audioheads out there, vote! obviously, I'm new to this. Thanks everybody; please indulge yourself, I'll listen!


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drumsound Sun, 12/23/2001 - 18:38
I love the 4050 for room mics. I love it for a lot of things. Omni really makes things roomy, which I like. AT Pro37R is a great small condenser. The 4033 is a nice acoustic mic as well. It's top end sheen works well for acoustic guitar. I haven't tried the Studios Projects stuff

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rivers Sun, 12/23/2001 - 21:38
It may be out your budget but get the AT4050 and the Octavas mc012 from the sound room,I have all 3 of these mics and for your purposes they would be ideal,ultra flexible and give you a good mic collection to build onto later.For the money(about $1k)its hard to do much better for 3 mics

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Pro Audio Guest Mon, 12/24/2001 - 05:47
I have an Oktava MC012 - a small diaphragm condenser - and have used it with good results for close-in recording. For room recording, it's not very spacious sounding though. I have a lot of experimenting with placement to do, I guess. Forgiving all-purpose mics will make things easier. I hear Oktava's large diaphragm mics aren't for everyone...