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a very nice DAW...finally !

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I'm about to replace my DAW and I've been having serious "Pro Tools or not protools"-anxiety for some time now. I'm a producer and songwriter so I need this for my own production suite, I don't run a commercial studio. I use Logic and if I would get Pro Tools it would be for the hardware only. My decision - not Pro Tools ! Why ..?

I asked myself what do I need all that dsp power for, whatplug-insdo I intend to use. I have an analog desk and nice outboard that I use a lot so I need the good basics. A couple of nice eq:s, comps and some modulation and special fx. What finally made me decide to not go TDM was when I discovered that 3rd party plug-in developers are makingplug-insfor TC powercore. So I can have a native system with the TCpowercore running the Sony oxford stuff, the TC intonator (instead of auto-tune) and some other 3rd party plugs that seem to pop up more and more frequently. The TC plugs bundled with the powercore are nice aswell. Then I can get a UAD-1 card for the 1176, LA-2A, Pultec Eq, Cambridge eq... Then complete it with a native Waves-bundle that has perfectly enough power from the dual processor G5 that I would get. Then I can always get some more powercore and uad-cards if I run out of dsp-power. I have a gut-feeling that soon basically every 3rd party plug-in ever made will be available for the powercore, UAD-1 or other dsp-card to come.

I would complete this setup with two MOTU 192HD interfaces (which, rumour says..., are built around the same converters as the Digidesign 192-interfaces) for 24 channels of analog outs to my desk, an Apogee A/D-converter for tracking and an Apogee Big Ben master clock.

For me, this DAW is worth every penny of its very competitive and reasonable price. It would sound great, I'm sure, and I don't think dsp-power will be a problem. It feels like a flexible and expandable DAW. I would have to spend A LOT more $$ to be able to run the same amount of the sameplug-inson a TDM system (just compare how many UA1176's you can instanciate on one digi HD process card and how many of them you can run on the UAD-1. For less than 1/4 of the cost. ).

I think a small revolution is at the doorstep if all 3rd party plug and softsynth makers will release their stuff for the powercore and UAD-1. Digi will get serious problems defending the sense and reason in the pricing of their hardware. My opinion ! Right now I'm just happy to have found the best DAW for ME. Let's go shopping !