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Very Ocassional Clicking and a few questions

Hi All,

I have a DP 2.72 setup with a G4 533,
256 RAM, OS 9.1, (2) 2408s, (1) 1296 and (1) MTP AV. All with latest drivers. Every once
in a while all of the channels will start
to click. The clock source is a Mackie d8b
w/ the Apogge WC card. A reboot fixes the
problem. Another problem is that I have
never been able to do a sample accurate
transfer from 20 bit ADATS without the exact
same clicking. When both 2408s are on, the
second one's LEDs light up showing a level
from the top 2408 (no signal is being sent
to the second 2408 and for experimental
purposes nothing was even hooked up to it.
I have the first 2408 plugged into the 324
card in the first slot, the 1296 in the
second and the 2408 in the third. I really
like DP but these are almost deal breaker
probs. I'm waiting for 3.0 to see what
happens. I wish MOTU's tech support were
more like Mackie's! BTW, I went through 5
trips to GC to get 2408s that work this well.


anonymous Mon, 06/11/2001 - 11:01

Yes, I still have the card. It seems
about the same. It's occasional, not even
every session (it seems my assitant has had
a lot more probs than's the way
it always goes with tech probs...the
assitants seem to be a bug magnet...hehehe).
I even went so far as to buy a new computer
as the tech at MOTU (who is not my fav guy
right now) talked me into thinking that it
was my other G4...grrrr.... should'a known
better, but after trying 5 different 2408s
to get 2 good ones I thought I was cool.
Once again I'll say... when it works the MOTU
stuff is some of the best (the 1296 rocks),
but MOTU's tech support is some of the worst
I have ever encountered. I have been given
completely opposite advice from them on
several occasions. As we both know the
Mackie/d8b support is the best in the biz.
I'd like to see MOTU try to move in that
direction. Anyhoo, I was thinking of an
Aardsync II. Maybe that will fix it, or at
least improve the sound :D

dantewurliuchi Tue, 06/12/2001 - 23:06

How are you distributing the Clock from the Apogee card? Are you running 75 ohm coax to the first 2408 and daisy chaining to the remaining devices from there? Or are you setting the 2408s' Clock Source to Optical In and only sending coax to the 1296?

How do you work around the fact that the MTP A/V has no Word Clock In? Doesn't it have to be the Word Clock master? Or do you take it out of the Word Clock chain altogether and just use its Midi capabilities? This is curious to me.

When trying to make sample accurate ADAT transfers, are you running 9-pin in from the last ADAT to the PCI-324 card and setting the PCI-324's clock source to ADAT?

A clock distribution box would probably work well for you. You could supply clock to each device _directly_ via coax. Or you could get a Digital TimePiece that supplies word clock to the PCI-324 card via Control Track -- something I find very stable with either the DTP or d8b as master. Only trouble with the DTP is MOTU doesn't make a USB version (there's a question for Magic Dave. Why not?). But you could network it in through the MTP A/V's network port.

You shouldn't have to spend any money at all, really. You should be able to find the right setup and settings with what you have.


Dan Worley