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VF-16, VF-160 & the VF-160EX?

What are the differences between the VF-16, VF-160 & the VF-160EX?

I just bought a VF-16 on ebay for $250. I was wondering if I should've held out for the VF-160EX.


Pro Audio Guest Thu, 05/25/2006 - 16:50
Thanks...But FYI :( ...I have already checked the factory web sites. I was looking for a real-time side by side offering from someone who may actually know the product "field time."
Have you actually read a Fostex VF manual? Do you understand Mandarin Chinese or SW Cantonese? :shock:
I sure as h3ll don't & lastly I don't call peopl lazy. :evil: (unless I actually know them & I wasnt to knock their teeth out with a oscilliscope) :D

pr0gr4m Fri, 05/26/2006 - 10:38
You asked what the differences are. Not what the different experiences people have had with the units. So the answer to that question is best handled by the people at Fostex.

I most certainly did not call anyone lazy. I just simply stated that if you were REALLY lazy then you could click the second link.

Anyway...drama aside
I can actually give you some experience info as I've used both the VF-16 and VF-160.

First for the price you paid, I think you got a pretty good deal. I've been looking for a cheap one as a backup and haven't been able to find one yet.

The only big difference that I know about between the VF16 and VF160 is the CD burner. It does make it handy to create a mix and burn it right to a CD without needed anything external. I've always used them with a computer and didnt really have a need for the CD burner.

I have not used the EX, but I think it has a different software or some upgrades to it or something like that. Maybe it has improved effect or an easier to use interface..but I think the core features are the same.