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Vintage Crestwood Magictape Microphone ?

I have a microphone - Crestwood Magictape, but Icant find any information about it. Any help will ... help.
Thank you.

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Member Wed, 04/03/2013 - 06:22
moonbaby, post: 403092 wrote: "Well, Miss Jones, from time to time I will ask you to take DICtation with this modern technological marvel..."
"I swear, Mr. President, I don't know how the 'Erase' button got pressed..."

Actually, her name was Miss Woods. Rose Mary Woods. ;)

And it was determined afterwards that in order to "accidentally" erase the missing 18 minutes in question, she would have had to bend herself into a pretzel and stretch her right foot ( it was a foot operated controller) out to about 9 feet away from her normal dictation position.

"I am not a crook - just a really lousy audio engineer." LOL


Member Thu, 04/04/2013 - 16:07
That microphone would probably be bitchin', on harmonica? Just plug it into an active direct box.

Yeah that looks like my first recorder? Mine was actually with a VU meter and called an " Echo Tape ". Which was rather funny since it's only had 2 heads and you couldn't get any echoes off the tape. That echo I didn't get until I got my grandfathers Presto 900. The forerunner to the Scully. But mine never had the 10.5 inch reel adapters. I ended up eventually just using the electronics which had three microphone inputs.

What a great old picture that was. I think I still have my Presto 900 manual? Probably not the Magnacord P-63?