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Vintech Audio X73i + Matching Comp?

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First post for me at Recording.Org. I recently puchased a Vintech X73i and I'd like to get some opinions/recommendations on a good compressor to match this unit.

I'm looking for something primarily for vocals + guits/bass as a secondary criteria.

I've researched the Sebatron Nitrous, Daking FET Comp2 and the Distressor EL8. This is the price range I'd like to stay within. Of course, if there's something a couple hundreds up or down, I'd still consider it.

I'm runnning a Pro Tools LE 7.4 setup. I already have 2 Summit Audio units, the 2BA-221 and the TLA-50 plus an RME ADI-2 AD/DA converter.

Any opinions on the units I've mentioned or your own input on other units would be greatly appreciated.

PS- I work with a female vocalist (if it makes any difference). Music style is pop-rock (mainly).

Thanks again! :D


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Member Fri, 03/14/2008 - 12:53
I'd like to prompt our readers for opinions regarding this setup, and possible future upgrades.

I run PT LE 7.4.

Current Setup

Summit 2BA-221
Summit TLA-50
Vintech X73i
Aphex Aural Exciter
Mackie HM-54 phones amp

My next purchase is the Purple Action Comp, racked in a 2 slot HR500 from A-Designs.

Based on this setup, what complimentary 500 series module would you add in the second slot of the HR-500? I'd prefer opinions on something else besides preamps, if possible, as for right now, my selection is good for my needs.

Thanks to all!

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Member Fri, 03/14/2008 - 12:55
Re: Vintech

memegene wrote: how do you like the Vintech?

does anyone know of a reference CD that compares mic preamps?

The X73i sounds very good on electric guitars and bass, very aggresive, up front sound. I like the EQ also. You can round up your sound as you see fit or you can bypass it all together.

Haven't tried it with vocals (yet) but I can't wait.

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Kev Fri, 03/14/2008 - 14:25
since you don't want another pre-amp ( I think you should )

then some EQ or another comp of different style
a few companies are doing the 500 rack style
so there are choices

I think a couple of pre-amps is worthwhile if only to keep the rack as a possible stand alone

you take just the rack to a location and you have a signal chain

perhaps the headphone amp from Purple