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Vinyl Record transfer

Put away my electric guitar stuff for the holidays, those items are part of my living room ... don't ask about the workshop or vinyl listening room ... my kids call my house ..Nashville
So I rigged my turntable to a pedestal with wheels so I can roll it from location to location. I fed the phono preamp to lines in, hit record.
Looking at the level of the wave, the variance between records is quite noticeable. Remember the limitation vinyl has, dynamically ... to much and the needle will hop I read
It takes awhile to streamline the workflow once recorded, save the file of each side, remove clicks, big pops do manual removal. Then chop up the songs and title them, I don't do the meta data, although Itunes your kind of forced to do so if you have a big library.
What got me was a studio friend freaked "why are you remastering the mix?" well mostly I bring the level up so the low levels are somewhere under the saturation mark. I never cared for the brickwall limiter approach, the wave looks like a blur, the dynamics is lost.
The subject of loudness is such a argument amongst us recording people, I know at this day and age, loud is fashionable.
What are your views on this subject?


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