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Vista performance summary?


I wonder if anyone could offer a nice summary -- based on their actual experience of this OS -- of how it performs in comparison with XP. Basically, is Vista, right now, a good enough platform, or is XP the only (Windows) game in town?


ebbnglo Fri, 07/06/2007 - 15:07
If you are looking to gain the max amount of performance from your DAW use XP. XP is rock solid and there is lots of free info to help you tweak it to your hearts content. Vista's new GUI, Aero, is enough of a resource hog in itself to not justify using it in production. Add in another 25 or 30 services that are needed to support the new feature set and the WOW definately starts when you see your benchmark results drop. If you're going to disable the services you may as well use XP. Personally I'd rather have my resources bound to my apps and not eye candy.

You can always partition a hard drive if you want to boot a pretty OS.

Pro Audio Guest Sun, 05/27/2007 - 10:34
i don't even have to have experience it but just from what i have read. Vista by default is going to be better just because you have to have a better computer just to run the thing. Any new software for like the first year or so has bugs incompatibilities and new errors that are going to get worked out. Stick to what you have till your ready for a new computer.

Pro Audio Guest Sun, 05/27/2007 - 17:43
I am quite a new guy for recording, but I had actually did that experinment before....

When I used Vista to run Sonar 6 for recording purpose, such as guitar, I can heard that the the playback to my headphone stop or stuck for 0.1 or 0.2 second, I was wondering that may be the CPU or Ram not strong enough to do that, which was a huge problem for me

however, after I give up Vista and install back to XP, it become smooth, and of course easy for me to use, and no problem in playback anymore.

I am not sure is that the main problem of CPU, Ram or not, or I did something wrong in Vista, but that is clearly I feel happy to record my stuff by running Xp 8)

bwmac Wed, 07/04/2007 - 20:32
I actually used the same PC with XP then with Vista

I actually used the same PC with XP then with Vista

Vista Is a Dog, a resource hog, the most useless OS system on the planet.

microsoft help staff will only give "canned" responces and don't let on that
anything is other then perfect.

If you are one of the micro freeks and don't believe it, then run XP home or pro 64 (it don't matter) on any PC and then install vista,
oh thats write you can't install vista on any PC because its to freeking heavy and will crush the mother board unless its made from cast iron. LOL

Companies that get away with fraud because they have enough money to buy the courts and gov well decieving the public make me sick.

I grabed and beefed up a little acer 2000 and networked it into the wifes other PC.
It has the E6300 and 2 gig of 800ddr and its what I'm typing on now. Now if I click over onto her old 3000amd thats full of games and kids pics and music they are about the same speed.

vista is pretty to look at and its fun to explore the desk top but dont do anything to intence on a stock machine from the store.

I still think its full of code to report anyone who steals software and
music. Now in my books two wrongs don't make a right.

Thats just my opinion on the code thing.
As if they could get caught like sony did.

Theres my rant on Vista,
now im pissed again. Jeezzz

Pro Audio Guest Tue, 05/29/2007 - 12:34
musicmixingguru wrote: Vista by default is going to be better just because you have to have a better computer just to run the thing.

This is entirely backwards..
You need a better computer because Vista is more demanding..
Vista is consuming many more resources than XP. This means you don't gain as much of a benefit from this new hardware.

From what i understand a large portion of this increased demand is because they are using directx, which used to be used primarily for video games, and pretty graphics.. Well Windows wanted pretty graphics too.

Vista demands more Resources to run, thus taking away from you available resources; that could be going to aid sonar and all those vst's you want to run with it.