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Vocal Modulation... How to get this sound?

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In the Lil Wayne song "lollipop" there is some vocal modulation FX that sounds like very quick pitch shifting that I want to achieve and would love if anyone would give me some tips.

heres some people doing an interested cover of the song and they nail the vocal sound I am trying to get quite well:


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21 years

Member Thu, 08/07/2008 - 20:41
Autotune maxxed out yes! It could also be Melodyne (a fantastic tuning plugin) and the operator has gone through every vocal note in the song and corrected not only pitch, but has also flattened the response of the voice in such a way that there is absolutely zero tolerance for natural vibrato of any sort whatsoever. In Melodyne, this is very quick and easy to acheive.

When a vocalist sings, even if that vocalist is not deliberately singing a vibrato, the voice naturally does not hold pitch perfectly, I mean perfectly in the non detectable sense. Even the greatest vocalists of all time do not maintain pitch within a +/- 0.1 Hz range else they would sound like robots. This natural vibrato gives warmth and creativity to a persons voice and makes them sound the way they do (Robin Gibb) is a classic example his vibrato creates a kind of sad crying type sound which is well loved by listeners and evoke emotion. Others like Michael Buble create a crooning type sound.

In Melodyne, you can completely abolish this naturalness to zero values. You will achieve this effect quite easily I can assure you.

Its true that it has in fact been overused these days.
Adam :)