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Vocal Recording click phenonemon


I am recently new to recording techniques and the other day I recorded 3 vocals of the same track in order to double track it and add a little backing.
When I recorded the vocal and played each individual one back it sounded sweet, however, when I played trhem all at the same time I could hear a kind of high end fuzz/click/distortion/high frequency sound, which was only there when I played all three back.

I turned up the vocals really high (individually) and could hear just a little bit of spill from the headphones. Would this be the problem A culmanative combination of headphone noise or could it be something else?


Pro Audio Guest Mon, 02/27/2006 - 15:47
Meters, meters.................? The master fader will be one meter you set up not plural, so I am still stuck, in the culmative gain of all the tracks at once are peaking your master bus.

I am only familiar with ProTools software though so you still might have a problem with the plugs.

And are you limiting an already compressed track?? Probably nothing to do with your scenario.