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Voice recording while walking

Hello everybody, I want to start making pickup / prank videos like this one – – and I’ve some questions.

1) I like ZOOM H1, I like how it records sound in loud environment (clubs etc). For example I was using my Xiaomi Redsmi 3S phone and sound was a mess: I like the battery and I like how it saves the file even when memory is full. But I don’t like this device size. So I have two questions:

- is there any smartphone or some more portable recorder that has similar to ZOOM quality?

- I found ZOOM iQ8 and Shure MV88, but I don’t like iPhones and I don’t want to buy myself one. Is there any way how I could use it on Android? For example if I buy some kind of cable? Or does it depend on iOS software?

2) My goal is to record dialogues in loud environment – clubs, street etc. What would be better option in terms of quality: just ZOOM H1 or ZOOM H1 and lav mic?

3) How do I remove clothing rustle when I move? For example if I put my ZOOM into my jeans pocket then when I walk there is a lot of rustle. But when I watch Youtube videos I don’t see this kind of issue. How they do it?

This dude is walking but there is no rustle at all.


pcrecord Fri, 06/23/2017 - 04:45
I think it's a lavalier or the voices has been recorded in post-synchro.
There is no way the zoom alone could pick there voices like that while walking away...
An since we hear here not very well when the walk away, a lavalier on him seems to be what they used...

Dawm... at 5:09 we see the lavalier on is shirt...

My opinion :
In a loud dancing club, nothing will work except a handheld mic touching the lips or some kind of throath or bone conduction technologie.
In the exemple you are giving, the music might not have been very loud but it became loud because of the compression done in the recorder or in post.
Just think about it, we don't hear ourself talking in a club, (at least in my country). We need to talk right in the ear of the person so the same apply for a mic..

So to me a phone, a zoom or any mic system that is hidden on one person won't work.
If I was you, I would either make the pranks without the dialogs or record vocals in post, with proper equipment.

Boswell Fri, 06/23/2017 - 07:35
I used to do lots of mobile recordings using minidisc recorders, and then moved on to an iRiver disc recorder and finally to the Zoom H4N. The recordings were both documentary in nature or live sound samples. In almost all the discreet cases I used lavalier mics, either a single for mono tracks, or a stereo lavalier for the documentaries. Using a good lavalier, I never suffered from movement noise of the type I believe you were referring to.

To my surprise, I won a minor prize for an uncut 20-minute stereo minidisc recording I did in 2003 while walking the length of Bourbon St in NO late on a Saturday night. I tried to find the track before replying to this thread, but my go-to copy was one of many that had succumbed to a disk fault, and it would have meant digging around in my off-site backups to locate it.


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