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Hi guys I have a question about something I was thinking about today. Lets say you have a Sebatron vmp-2000e and 2 channels of Neotek console racked with EQ now can you do this I wonder... Can you flying out from the DAW take the recorded material pass it through the Sebatron Via the DI and then into the Neotek for EQ then back out to the DI of the Sebatron again on channel 2 and then finally back into the DAW. Obviosly you could leave the last passing thought the Sebatron out if you didnt want to color the sound TOO much. But is this at all possible? or are line Levels And DI levels differnt. This is something I am just unaware of and kind of passed over with out ever really knowing. thanks alot. :)


anonymous Sun, 11/30/2003 - 23:21

I actually would prefer doing my coloring on the way in to the DAW. You see when you get out of the DAW and come back in, you are getting 2 extra generations of converting. This is not what you really want to do unless you have to. Even though you are using the same converters you will still have artifacts. This is the case even when you use digital outs and ins(for different reasons though). :w:

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