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Weird background noise in select programs that i need

Hello i am getting into streaming and i have ran into a problem when i try to stream footage the audio has a load of background noise and i haven't been able to fix it. I have tested my microphone on REAPER and it works flawlessly. I am running a Superlux E205 high diaphragm cardoid condenser microphone that is going through a Tascam US-122mk II Audio interface

Audio samples:


And the awful obs sound:


DonnyThompson Sat, 05/21/2016 - 01:51

You'll likely get more people listening to your audio samples if you upload them directly here, as opposed to directing us to an outside site to download the files. It's not that we think you would intentionally provide files that could carry potential viruses - but people get a little gun-shy about downloading files from people and sources that they aren't familiar with.
You can upload the audio samples directly to your post by clicking on the "upload file' button located to the right of the "post reply" button on the bottom right hand side of the post window,
"Noise" is usually caused by not having enough direct signal level into the mic - or because the preamp you are using is of the cheaper variety and lacks sufficient gain, and when you turn the gain up on the pre, the noise of the electronics comes up as well. Tascam preamps are notorious for having low gain, BTW.
"Background Noise" implies that you are hearing more indirect signal than direct - and that your mic is picking up ambience in the environment you are recording in. If you are using a mic with selectable pickup patterns, make sure that it is set for cardioid and not Omni or Figure 8, if these are available on your mic, and that you are in a close proximity to the mic so that the direct source is more powerful than the sound of your voice in the room.
Adding certain processors to the insert of the track or the stereo bus of your DAW can also bring up the level of the noise on your recordings... Compressors set to hi settings with increased levels of makeup gain will accent noise on a track.
But ... until we can listen to these samples, it's all just guesswork and possibilities.
Upload the files directly here instead of linking to a download site and we'll have a listen and see if we can determine what your issues are.