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Welcome me !

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Hey every one ! I'm new here and have a lot of questions. Please be patient to me... :D I learn fast and will only disturb you for about 10 years...

Now seriously, I apologize for my English writing. I'm working hard on it.

Well, as all of you, I love music & audio. I have a Boss BR 1180CD as DAW, dbx 266XL compressor, a MX 2004 Behringer mixer (used only for PA) and a Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro witch I hate and is not in the chain. It's only as analyzer.

I'm learning yet and my records are ridiculous :s: I feel like this guy on my left...

I used to have a Midas Venice 32 for renting and I sold it. It was soooo good. I made a live show recording using the Venice inputing on to Boss 1180 and it got very nice. When I record direct, it is bad. But I will learn...

I feel I will enjoy this place a lot.

I tank you all and hope you have a very Happy New Year !

Greetings from Brasília


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