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What acoustics and room design for Hip Hop vocals / spoken

OK, I'm recording Hip Hop vocals and haven't put too much thought into it intially, but do spoken word and hip hop vocalist have as much need for a "perfectly" acoustic vocal room as a singer does. Usually they're not as loud and their voices are not projecting as much, so I figured it would be fine without, and several tracks that I have done with a softer vocalists have turned out just fine using the backend of an empty closest with comforters up as a vocal booth of sorts.

Does any one have any experience with this and / or any recommendations?


TeddyG Fri, 10/13/2006 - 09:53
If it's OK now, don't "make problems".

Spoken word stuff(Voiceover, at least) generally gets by with a very dead space(No room "sound" at all), with any effects added later, electronically, in the mix -- there are lots of books on such things and lots of folk waiting to do it for you -- for money. You'd do well to check out the (Do a Google search)"Real Traps" website for lots of good advice, including video demos. Though they're trying to sell you RT's, they do know what they're talking about(At least better than we do?) and are glad to share their knowledge.

I find my semi-treated space to be OK for most stuff. But, when I back-off from the mic, turn the preap up to accomodate and then holler fairly loud, I DO hear "ringing" in the recording(Not enough treatment). Long as I stay within limits, I'm OK, but I'll be adding more ASAP.


BTW: If your listening space isn't very well treated, you don't really know what you're getting out of your vocal booth(?) -- this stuff gets difficult fast...... IF you ARE going to "think about" something, your recording and listening space(s) are priority #1.