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What is the best mic for kick drum?

Hi.I wanna get a kick drums mic.Any suggestion?I'm mainly record rock band.Punk and Metal.Thanks


Sidhu Fri, 03/24/2006 - 10:47
hwo does the Sennheiser e602 compare ? I have heard some nice things about it. And there is this dealer over here asking me to pick it up. While I also have access to the Beta52, and have used both on occasion live, I do not enjoy the luxury of bringing these over for testing and choosing between the two.

Hard rock and metal ere mostly too...


Pro Audio Guest Wed, 03/22/2006 - 18:44
there is no best mic for a kick drum!
its all about the sound of your kick.
if your doing punk type music,you want a fast kick with lots of attack.
so take the resonant head of the kick off.put a sand bag inside
slightly resting on the batter head(this is the most important thing
becouse the weight of the bag provides the solid punch your looking for,then cover the kick in the front with a moving blanket for isolation.
the microphone doesnt matter really,a 57 or 58 is fine becouse what
your after is the clean attack.put it 3" out and 3" off center.
then cut around 350 and boost around 70 and THERE!!! :D