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What is the best PCI order in a G5 for PowerCore & UAD-1


I recently bought a UAD-1 card to add to my TC Powercore MKII and here is what is happening. I am using Digital Performer 4.6.1 with OSX 10.4.7 -- Before adding the UAD-1 card when I added a TC plug there was zero delay when adding it to the mix. However, since adding the UAD-1 card I am experiencing delay with not only the UAD-1 plugs but also the TC plugs. Here is the order in which I had the PCI cards.

In slot one was the video card then the next PCI slot was open then in slot 3 I had the TC card - all was fine. So I added the UAD-1 card to slot 4 - delay began but worked fine. I called UA and they said to switch PCI slots to try to take care of the delay. So I moved the UAD-1 to the open slot 2 - making it video, UAD-1 then the TC and slot 4 open. Delay didn't help in fact I had locking up issues. So I switched the TC to slot 2 and the UAD-1 to slot 3 and had I am not sure what the deal is.

Do any of your G5 owners that have both of these cards know which slots you have them in sucessfully? And, any suggestions on settings for the cards that eliminates the delay (latency).

Thanks for any help!


csi Sat, 11/11/2006 - 11:33
Hi thanks for the reply and input. I went to UA's site and did not find the info that you mention. Obviously I am missing where it is at - I do see a lot about PCI-X and PCIe but nothing that recommends which PCI slot is recommended. If by chance you know where it is that would be appreciated. I did see something that mentioned slot 4 has the highest bandwidth so you should use that but it may not be referring to my system type.

I suppose I will simply swap them around until I hit it but thought I would tap into others recommendations first. So, if any of you have info on this please don't hesitate. Also, I still don't know what is causing the delay...