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What the heck's an Oktava MK012?

Musician's friend has the highly touted Oktava MC012's with 3 capsules for $249. They also have the cardiod MK012 for $99. What is it? How does it related to the MC012? Is it just a single pattern MC012? Thanks.


LittleJames Sat, 02/02/2002 - 05:57
I think they're the same mic and musiciansfriend is simply calling the mic without the optional heads the MK012. They probably do that for inventory or so one might think that the MC is better than the MK when they're really the same capsule. Oktava doesn't show a MK012 mic on their site.

I own two MC012 w/o the optional heads and for the price its sounds great.

anonymous Sat, 02/02/2002 - 22:51
I saw the same ad. I don't know if their dressing these mics up or what now, but they sell the multicapsule mic set in a wood box now?? I got mine the same plastic case as the cardiod only model, but it just had more slots inside the case for the extra caps.

Great mics for the price. Do be sure to test a bunch out before you buy. Quality control aint the best thing over there in Oktava land, at least not the ones that Guitar Center/Musician's Friend are getting. You can get hand picked ones from The Sound Room, but you pay for it...


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