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what i should be aware of when i'll try to buy a midi kb ?

maybe the title is too general. i wanna use it with any type of vstis on Cubase sx 3, with my delta 1010 lt. inputs pls.


djmukilteo Sat, 08/29/2009 - 10:51

Yes that is a pretty general question!
Pretty much any keyboard you buy these days would make a good MIDI controller KB for VST instruments in Cubase.
Whats your budget?
Do you already play piano or keyboard?
Do you want a keyboard synth with its own sound samples?
Some KB's have weighted or un-wieghted keys (personal preference).
Some people like the feel of the weighted keys because it responds more like a piano, some people like a keyboard feel...then you have different KB sizes 88, 72, 60 keys....again depending on your ability/preference/budget the more the merrier.
Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Kurzweil are some of your top pro brands...
look around, read some reviews, specs and then decide how much you wanna spend!

djmukilteo Wed, 09/02/2009 - 12:07

Pharaoh wrote: does it worth ? before thinking serious about getting a midi kb i thought that M-audio is good in midi kb. i'm not so sure anymore.

Not sure what your trying to say or point you're trying to make there Pharaoh?
Like was said in previous posts....this all depends on what your trying to do?

Do you want a keyboard which is just a MIDI controller or a full blown synthesizer?
How many keys?
there are plenty of keyboards around 200 euros about $280US (approx.)

I merely pointed out an 88 key hammer action "weighted" MIDI controller (no internal sounds) which might be in your budget....but I can't tell you what to buy or what you need....there are others out there....look around the music store sites....pretty easy...M-Audio looked like a fit for what you said you wanted to do....
All keyboards have MIDI and will play VSTi instruments in Cubase....there's nothing special......