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what kind of mic for this voice?

I am currently using a Bluebird to mic Dave our lead singers voice in my basement. I was just wondering if there was any other mic that you all would recommend. http:// - go hear to hear his soft and sultry voice ha.


StevenColbert Mon, 04/03/2006 - 19:19
Dave has a great sounding voice. I think the KEL HM-4 is a great mic on male vocals. I got one used off ebay for $99. I love it on vocals.
Like I said, his voice sounds real nice. And I'm not sure who's recording you (sounds good by the way) but, I think you need to record the chorus lines with one mic and the others parts with a different mic or two. Just to make him stand out more, with one mic having more colour than the other type of deal.
There are many here on RO who like the Rode K2. But, it's more $$$ than the KEL's are.
I don't know your budget. So let us know what your max price would be, that will help us recommend some other mic's. And do you want the mic for recording purposes or for live use situations?
I'd like to add that the Studio Projects C4 sound really nice on vocals. And not too pricey.

Pro Audio Guest Mon, 04/03/2006 - 19:29

well..i am just checking to see what is available so there isn't really a budget right yet. Just doing research. I would imagine 600-1000 dollars will be the range. Let me know what works..the first two recordings were done in the basement others are from our album and various other locations. Basically we're just looking for a good studio mic for his voice. thanks for the help and compliments.

StevenColbert Tue, 04/04/2006 - 05:58
That's a good price range to start at. I don't own a Rode K2, but I have read enough to know I want one for vocals. And it's in your price range. The AT4030 are real popular on here. (4030 right?) someone correct me if that's the wrong number
Also the Shure KSM44 has some great reviews, at $699. Almost out of your asking range. But you get what you pay for.
I already mentioned the KEL HM-4. It is really a great mic. You can get them new from KEL audio dot com. Brand new for $199 w/ free shipping. I really like my HM-4.
This maybe not want you want to do but...for $600-$1000 you could do one of two things.
Buy one really, really nice mic. Or buy three or four new mic's so you will have a nice setup to record with.
Just to suggest.
Plan A----one $700 microphone (or whatever)

Plan B----
one Shure SM57 $100
one KEL HM-1 $100
one KEL HM-4 $200
one Audix OM series mic $250ish

You don't have to go with both KEL mic's. You could replace any of my suggestions with any number of different microphones. My point is you "might" really benifit from owning 3 or 4 different mic's, so your next few recordings have some nice colour and added depth.
Just my 2 cents