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What room dimensions should be enough for serious recording?

I would like to have an advice from anybody on the room dimensions I should strive to get, for both studio and control room.

I would like to record small bands (drums, couple of guitar amps and a singer) as well as individual vocalists (with acoustic guitar as an option).

In the control/mixing room I would like to have enough sonic control over the mix to have it 'just right' before making mastering elsewhere (however, due to local music scene conditions I may need to do some post production as well).

Since it's really hard to get commercial real estate with high ceiling heights for acceptable price over here, I'm limiting my choice to 2.7 meters tall ceiling.

Room dimensions cannot be infinite, but for a start I'm considering a 'big' room that is 7.7 meters deep and 5.8 meters wide that I'll have to divide into two parts - control room and studio.

So, what should I try to find - should I really try to find a room with a higher ceiling or should I try to find larger/smaller room area that can be divided into two parts easier?