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What Stand-alone DAWS for 16 simultaneous mics / tracks ?

First up,..hello folks,...And what a great find this site is :D

I'm looking to buy a stand-alone digital multi-tracker that can handle 16 simultaneous mics as I play large drum kits amd want to close-mic as much as possible.

I've been quite interested in the Yamaha AW 2400, and I've been told that with the 8 1/4" jack analog expansion card, this is possible ?
I've also had a look at the Korg DX 32 and the Roland VS 2480 CD, but I've had conflicting answers from the company support boffins as to whether these machines can deal with 16 track recording,...

I'm looking to use mainly dynamic mics, ( MD 421s II for toms, AKG D 112 for b/drums, SM57s, and a couple of overhead condensers requiring the phantom power ).

Can anyone advise me on this ?.

Cheers,. Dan.


Pro Audio Guest Thu, 03/30/2006 - 18:43

Eight XLR and TRS microphone/line inputs, with switchable phantom power for all XLR connectors and insert patch points on inputs 1 and 2.

With all 16 inputs available you can even record 16 tracks simultaneously when recording in 16-bit mode, or you can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously in 24-bit mode

USB 2.0 interface provides fast data transfer between the AW2400 and a computer for effective data management.

If you are spending over 2 grand on a stand alone, you should try both the Yamaha and the Akai.

IMO, the Akai DPS24MKII is worth the extra $500 (and is the same or cheaper when you add the expansion cards to AW2400)


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Pro Audio Guest Tue, 03/28/2006 - 14:28
Re: Maybe

2012 wrote: How big of a set are you talking?

Hello, 2012,..The kit is pretty much always similar to a Neil Peart set-up from his glory days !.
Four concert toms, 6,8,10 and 12 " or four octobans, four roto toms or closed toms, two bass drums,( to enable a stereo image as opposed to one bass drum and a double pedal, of which I'm not keen ).
One snare, and the usual array of cymbals and hi hats,..
And on some sessions, timbales too,..

I've tried on occasion over the years with some success with two or three mic set-ups, but I'm set on the multiple close-mic thing at the moment :x

Pro Audio Guest Tue, 03/28/2006 - 16:24
Re: Selection

2012 wrote: The Yamaha can do 16 inputs at once, w/ the expansion card.
The Roland & Korg units are limited to 12, i believe.

Are you also set :x on using a stand-alone box?

Ah,..good,...Nice to hear an unbiased / non salesman opinion :D
And presumably, I wouldn't need any out board mic pre-amps with the expansion card ?

As to the stand - alone Vs. PC based argument,... Well, my problem is room, or the extreme lack of it !
It would be utopia to set-up a permanent recording studio with an Apple Mac, or whatever goes regarding PC based systems,..but I just don't have anywhere I could put it,.... :(

It's all pointing towards the AW 2400 at the moment,..

Pro Audio Guest Tue, 03/28/2006 - 16:48
you have some options depending on the card you put in there.

there are ADAT I/O cards
and XLR or 1/4" connection cards

with the MY4AD you would have 12 inputs at once @ 24 bit.
or the MY8AD24 you could have 16 inputs at once @ 24 bit.

the MY4AD has 4 XLR connections
the MY8AD24 has 8 TRS connection

or you could get an ADAT I/O card like the MY8AT and a lightpipe equipped preamp.

here ya go.


Pro Audio Guest Tue, 03/28/2006 - 17:06
2 things to watch out for in stand-alone daws

# 1 consideration:
Does the DAW do uncompressed recording
if not then don't consider it.

#2 consideration:
Does the DAW have USB 2 or Firewire
if not then don't consider it.

So in other words, DO NOT even consider the Roland 2480. Roland has proprietary file format not transferable to another mixer without first converting to WAV.

You should talk to your pro audio dealer about you doing a comparison test between the Yam AW 2400 and the AKAI DPS24MKII. Most dealers will allow trials of this type of gear.

The Yamaha AW 2400 comes stock with 8 inputs as XLR/TRS connectors (16 with optional YGDAI card)

The Akai pro DPS24MKII has 12 XLR/TRS inputs and also does 5.1 surround mixing. FAT32 disk format and Broadcast WAV file format.

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