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what is this ? Yamaha S-YXG50 SoftSynthesizer

I have a Hercules Game Theater for my computer audio. it came with this Yamaha S-YXG50 SoftSynthesizer. What the heck is that, and what can i do with it?



Kapt.Krunch Thu, 04/12/2007 - 15:21
Basically, it's a pretty cheezy-sounding computer synthesizer that eats up more CPU than it's worth to listen to. It will respond to Yamaha XG-MIDI, which means it will play an approximation of an instrument that you choose in a sequencer, or MIDI file.

Generally, not for even quasi-realistic reproduction of real instrument sounds for serious music. Maybe useful for sounds that you don't want to sound too real anyway, like synth patches.

Just set your MIDI output to that thing, play a MIDI file, and you'll see what I mean.

If you have no other means of listening to MIDI, then that may have to do.

Honestly, if you chose that device to make music with, you could have done much better. If you chose it to play games, and to listen to MP3s and annoying chatroom sounds, it's probably fine.:wink:


Kapt.Krunch Fri, 04/13/2007 - 02:52
It's fine for that. It's even fine for using to learn computer recording. It's just that the Yamaha soft-synth is not very good sounding, and if you WERE to get into MIDI production and serious digital audio recording, you'd probably want to consider better alternatives to create a better sounding product.

In the meantime, have fun! :wink: