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What's up with the weak singers trend ?

Hi gang,

Yeah I just got fed up with too many youtube videos of weak signers in my feed.
What I mean is good pitch be not pushing the notes and not even opening the mouth correctly and sounding like falseto all the time ...
Is it me who is out of touch or is it just not how to properly sing..
I mean with no PA they could not even sing to a fire

I didn't want to put names but I have no choice if you want to know what I mean.
One exemple : PomplamooseMusic
Their production is stellar, the musicians are fantastic and well recorded.. but I wish the lead signer would just open up more..

Ok that was just one, but I get many lately... some prolific quebec french signers do this as well...

Ok end of the rant ! ;)


bouldersound Sun, 10/13/2019 - 10:04

I would imagine the bleed in the lead singer's mic in a club venue would make her almost inaudible.

I think it's partly fashion, what's in right now, partly style, just what they're going for, and partly a consequence of learning to sing in a bedroom to tracks with headphones rather than with real instruments that make actual sound.

kmetal Sun, 10/13/2019 - 10:10

Singers are a wild bunch. Im terrible at it.
I wonder if people arent tracking with compression as much as they used to, now that we are in the age of bedroom chart hits?

One thing i was surprised at was Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, sang the smash hit "everlong" while sitting at the console, quietly, thru a handheld mic. Even the screams!

Coming from rock and top 40 stuff, ive generally not had issues with under-singing singers. But i know what you mean. I dunno maybe im out of touch but its felt to me like we have been in a lull period for music in the past few years, with what seems like alot of mediocore, uninspired stuff being put out.

paulears Mon, 10/14/2019 - 00:41

Being able to sing in tune, and being able to learn the words doesn't make a person into a singer. It's actually the same with guitarists and bass players, let alone drummers. It's about the simple question. Is this person a musician? The crossover point between yes and no varies, but at some point, they cease making music and become a musician. I like watching guitarists miming on TV chat shows. The ones where maybe the singer is singing but everyone else mimes. You know that person is a guitarist by watching them, not hearing them. You know that's a real drummer or bass player even though they're not making any noise you can hear. The singers can hide behind a style, or sound, or something that might in other singers be a real mistake. How many well known and successful singers are actually pretty awful singers? Quite a few. I'll pick a few - Bob Dylan. By any scientific evaluation he was simply awful, but one of the music industries successful singers for the end product. Even Sinatra had issues with his voice and technique from a musical point of view, but would anyone label him as bad? Sinead O'Connor, Bjork, Kate Bush - then add in the rock legends. Is Ace of Spades an example of a brilliant singer? Bloody good though!

Those weak singers, with no presence or special technique are just bad. They can sing, but don't cross the 'singer' line in my book.