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Which DAW and operating Sys. do you use and why?


  • Which DAW and operating system do you use and why?
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    phil magnotta Sat, 08/17/2002 - 10:35

    I only have an AW4416 with outboard synths and Sony DPS R7,M7,D7 and F7 effects processors. I want to purchase a computer DAW and have been reading the very interesting pols here as well as every other site I can find. I've heard a lot about host base verses non host. I would appreciate it if someone could comment on the Scope Fusion Platform, host verses non host and last but most importantly MIDI performance...which ones( re midi) are really good and why.
    Phil Magnotta

    rayman Thu, 08/29/2002 - 21:31

    audiokid wrote

    Which DAW and operating system do you use and why?

    Hey.. don't me wrong, I like PC's (I'm on one now) Hell...My dad worked for AT&T in the 70's. I remeber when I was 15 and he showed up from work with a computer. I figered it was a little TV set, (this was in 1978) we lived in a smaller town of about 20 to 25 K population. I'm sure we had the first PC in our town being as this was a textile and farming town.
    Well nuff said about that, I use a Macintosh 400MHz G-4 (I need to get a Duel Processor) on OS 9 and have a MOTU 24i and core card. When I got it in 2000 I picked up DP 2.5 and the upgrade witch gave me some extra plugs and other goodies. I had a lot of trouble with the software untill I upgraded to DP3 and DP3.01. It seams to be running alot better with DP3.

    Raymond Ward
    A.S. Recording Arts

    bigtree Sun, 09/01/2002 - 11:08

    Total drag :mad: lost the data to the poll when I merged DAWworld here. Maybe we';ll do another one again. SS was from what I can remember the most used DAW. Pro Tools next, however it really shows that SS users were the most active in the poll. Interesting. Thanks for getting involved everyone.

    Vince Nelson Mon, 09/09/2002 - 20:28

    How could you say hobby. Most people are using there Daw's over 40 hours a week. More time on those machines than they spend at work. Even to a novice, It's not a Hobby, It's a way of life.
    An extension of a musician's or a technicians being.

    Hobby, I'm so dissapointed. :o

    bigtree Thu, 09/12/2002 - 13:15

    Hi, I have to aggree here as well, the "H" word should not be used anymore. This is why I never bought the domain lol. ;) sorry can't ressssssist!

    It's now not politcally correct and is an insult to professional that choose to use DAW's as a forum of recording music. DAW studios have evolved into what is now becoming the norm and in many ways these machines are far superior to the ? but that's another topic.

    There are "professional", "private studios" or "personal studios" using DAW's, however, there are some pretty basic project studios in this list geared for only demos etc. That doesn't mean that the technology can't produce a professional song. What do we call these recorders, the under $5000 dollar studio? eek, tough thread now but for this very reason I move that we never use the "H" word and when referring to homerecording... Call it DAWworld, it says it all.


    Vincent Chenais Sat, 09/14/2002 - 02:25

    psuedo ANUS DAW ????? What's that?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here.

    I started using Soundscape in 1997, started with one, then two SSHDR1+, then R.Ed with Mixpander/9.

    I got into Soundscape because I saw it used on my first recording that was produced properly (I have a musical background - went into production later). I tried it and never looked back, everything else feels "unnatural" in comparison, meaning with Soundscape it feels like having my fingers directly on the sound, it is completely transparent, trouble free and I can forget about it and concentrate on the music. Nothing I have tried since compares. I also like the configurability, the freedom of creating a Mixer exactly as I want it, and with Mixpander I can use any VST plug-in with it too, although I have nearly all the SS plug-ins. AS for the sound, even the old SSHDR1+s still sound gorgeous, R.Ed even more so. The system has clarity and precision. And I am demanding sonically (classical musician hair splitter you know).

    Soundscape's only shortcoming is that it does not do MIDI, so I have to run something else alongside it. No big deal as it syncs to anything, but I wish it had MIDI (other than for MTC or controller messages - I mean I wish it had sequencing), so I could dump Cubase. So there, I use Cubase because I "fell into it" first, on Atari when I first started recording my music. Can't be bothered to learn another MIDI sequencer, and none of them appeals sufficiently but I can't say I like Cubase, or the UK distributors who are famous for poor support.

    In fact I recently changed from an old PC to a PIII 1GHz which would allow me to do big mixes in Cubase (so I'm told) but I don't even use it for audio, I tried it and didn't like it, the response of it and the way it played sound back. I tested with Takes imported from Soundscape, I think it is something about either the timing of the tracks on playback, or the way the mixer works. Note that it's an old Cubase (VST3.7r2), but I refuse to buy the new one and PAY for Cubase BUGFIXES. Soundscape got me used to higher standards.

    Overall, even though I use this system every day, I am always surprised by how much I enjoy it.

    Vincent C.

    billt Sun, 10/13/2002 - 07:43

    I use PT001 on a 98SE PIII 700MHz with 512MB RAM. The system has been very stable. I have a laptop I travel with, and I am wondering if anybody out there is using Nuendo, and what they think of it. All I want to be able to do at this point is record 1-2 tracks at a time on the laptop, primarily guitar. My optiions with PT for interfacing with my laptop looks to be fairly slim from what I can see at this point. :c:



    Kurt Foster Sun, 10/13/2002 - 09:59

    Dual 1800 XP Athlon, Asus A7M266D mother board- 2 Western Digital WD800BB 80 gig drives, 1 removable, 1 gig of DDR sdram, Liteon 16X DVD drive, Liteon CDR drive, Antec SL450 power supply and Windows XP PRO OS. I'm running Cubase with Alesis AI3 converters, 16 channels in and out with a Frontier Dakota card. Tweaked as per OPUS' instructions. Envision flat panel monitor.....Fats