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Which guitar do you prefer?

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Just a random question...

I like all of them just wanted to see other peoples likes


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BobRogers Wed, 12/12/2007 - 19:07
Gas confession

"Hi, My name is Bob and I have Gas."

"Hi, Bob!"

Well, I'm mostly a bass player. Guitar is about my third instrument. But I have (and have had) a bunch of them. A big part of the story is that I'm a lefty. Tried to play bass rightly for a few days in 1970 and took it back the store and had them flip it over. (It was a knock off Hofner that I wish I had never gotten rid of.) So for much of the last 37 years I made do with my Gibson EB-3 bass (so many dead spots that I name it after a girl that I dated once in high school) and a Martin D18 (still have that one). Anyway, somewhere along the line Al Gore invented the internet and I was able to find all kinds of lefty guitars. It's been an adventure buying and selling. I even made a trip to lefty heaven, Southpaw Guitars in Houston. You rightys are just going to have to imagine the impact of walking into a store with 300 lefty guitars and basses.

Anyway, my favorite electric guitar is a Tele. I have three. A MIA with a b-bender and g-bender installed by Music One in Montana. (Damned if I didn't start playing with a steel player a few years ago.) It has Barden pickups and a Vintique bridge (I know, I know - more money then sense at the time.) Another is a DIY Warmoth, and the third (often my favorite) is a Fender Japan 62 RI with Bill Lawrence pickups.

Electric guitars that have come and gone:

Gibson ES-335 - I got better jazz sounds on my tele with the Bardens and you wouldn't believe the sloppy work the did converting it to lefty.

Strat - I had a stock MIA and never warmed up to it. They don't make the Mexican models I like in lefty, so some day I'll have to build one. I have a righty that I've done a lot of work on and it get s a lot of use in the studio.

Rickenbacker 360 -12 string. Great guitar, but it was clear that I wouldn't get enough use out of it.

I also went through a few more teles befor I found the ones that have stuck

Right now my main bass is a P-bass that has been cobbled together from various parts. Body from a MIA P that I painted candy apple red. (That's a fun finish to do.) The neck from a Hot-Rod P that is one of the nicest Fender bass necks I've ever felt. Tomastick flatwound strings.

MIM P-bass body with a USA custom fretless neck in ebony and a J-retro preamp. Veeeery nice.

I have a lot of parts on my workbench that will some day be a fretted Fender J with round wound strings and a J-retro. Things just have to calm down a bit.

Rick 4001 in maple. I'm going to put this on the market soon. Good bass, just doesn't do anything I like better than the Fenders.

A Turser Hofner knockoff. Not a bad instrument. Very light. Good for showing what Sir Paul would look like if gained a lot of weight, lost a lot of hair, and lost even more talent.

For acoustic guitars I have the D18 and for my 50th birthday I got a Taylor 314.

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Member Fri, 03/19/2010 - 07:09
I've owed like a billion guitars. Of them all, there are two that sound good no matter what. My fender telecaster standards, and my Kramer (Idk the model, but its basically a carved top super-strat). i docked points from the Kramer for having a floyd rose. I HATE HATE Wammy bars. just not my style, but the pick ups where unreal.

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moonbaby Thu, 12/13/2007 - 08:31
How do I love thee, oh mighty geetar? Let me count the ways...
Hamer Artist Goldtop /w. P90s, made in Chicago (pre-Kaman).
Carvin Bolt "kit guitar" my dad woodburned art onto. Swamp ash body, birdseye maple fingerboard, abalone dots, Wilkinson.
1956 Strat. Not a reissue, a real one. I bought it for $125 from a neighborhood kid when I was 16 in 1971. It included a tweed Deluxe amp that we "converted" into a Leslie cabinet (don't ask!). I promptly painted the thing BLACK (it was originallyDakota Red) to match Richie Blackmore's Strat. I broke the tremolo arm off in the bridge doin' the "Highway Star" thang. It currently sits in an ancient tweed case I got from Ted Turner of Wishbone Ash (!) downstate at my folks' place along with a...
1963 Firebird I. A reverse-body, SINGLE pick-up Firebird I bought from George Gruhn in 1973 for $400.00 It has been sold and traded around Florida swamp-rock bands over the years. I hated the thing, it was too "top-heavy", but it was sooo unique. Got it back last year...for a LOT more than I originally paid for it.
Aria Pro II TA70. Matsumoku-made-in-Japan version of a 7/8-size ES335.
Made in the early 80's. Bought it with upgraded Schaller tuners/bridge, sitting in a genuine "Gibson USA" HSC for a whopping $125.00.
Another Matsumoku. An Electra Phoenix, Matt's version of a Strat. Maple neck, bought it new in 1982.
Third Matsumoku. An 1978 Ibanez Les Paul Custom copy with sooo many mods....
MIJ Fender Telecaster Custom. Maple neck, torn down to replace the pups with Rio Grandes as soon as Santa is done...
1964 Gibson LG-1. My dad bought this one for me when I was 10 for Xmas after I stuck with the guitar for a year. Bridge is starting to belly up (they all do that), scarred from all the years.
1964 Gibson C-1 classical. Bought this to keep the LG-1 from bein' lonely.
1977 Yamaha FG300. MIJ, fancy pickguard, inlays, tune-o-matic-style bridge. A wonderful recording steel-string.
And, like the others, this is my current stash. Over the years, there have been so many others, bought, sold, swapped, and, unfortunately stolen...
Nothing breaks your heart faster than to lose a Les Paul or a Strat, or a Jazzmaster to a thief.

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llatht Sun, 02/14/2010 - 22:23
I was indoctrinated into Fender guitars by my dad...Now I just can't help it that the neck of a Strat feels like home. Hum isn't much of an issue with a noise suppressor.

I've gotta agree on PRS guitars. Those are nice! The nicest sounding rock combo I ever heard (my opinion of course) was a PRS - TSL 100 - sonic maximizer.

Never could stand the feel of a Gibson...Always feels like I'm holding a 2x4.

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Davedog Thu, 12/13/2007 - 15:25
1969 Telecaster Bass story.

I am a ZZTop fan. Have been since before there was a ZZTop. Also an unabashed Dusty Hill fan. You real bass players know why.

So, I had to have me Telecaster basses. The first one was a 69 with the single coil. It was a great playing bass but I was young and the gleaming Humbucker that Fender was sticking on there was appealing to me. So I sold the 69 and bought a 69 Telecaster Bass. I'm sure this confuses those who dont understand fully the Leo Fender/Henry Ford methodology of assemblyline economics. There was also an interim 1970 Tele bass with a single coil on it......(as an aside I also owned a 1961 Tweed Vibrolux....think 1956 cabinet as well as a twotone 62 Strat sunburst)....okay.....(whut I'm saying is sometimes, the Fender folks simply built something that was made out of parts left over from a previous model and style of instrument, amp, whatever)

I also loved the Jazz bass sounds and was discovering that the Fender Humbucker was closer in sound to the EB-O than the Pbass/Jbass sound so...I routed a nice hole in the bass and installed an old Jbass pickup a couple of inches above its normal jazz bass bridge position, I also installed a STRAT selector switch in the rather largish pickguard that those basses had on em. It was about the same angle as the Strats' switch and was right above the two knobs. It was a very clean job and I'll bet a dollar that to this day there arent more than ONE 69 Telecaster Basses out there with a strat switch and a Jbass pickup a couple of inches above its normal position in the wood.

A few months later it was stolen. Out of my house. In Tulsa. Along with other stuff including cash. The dogs were locked out....if you were the perp you'll remember all this cause the little black retriever woulda taken you out had she been able to get in......She did chew some of the chain link through in a couple of places. Anywho........A few months later my wife and I were watching "In Concert" and a band who I will leave unnamed was playing on there....Southern Rock....bigtime..etc etc...Love em myself.....and theres my bass. On TV. I said, "Hon, doesnt that look like the Tele?" She said, "Damn right. Why dont we call the station." Well it was a syndicated show, and those that were in charge of the station at that time of the night were all out in the parking lot getting stoned while the programs were being run on the tape player so I never got anyones response, and of course they wouldnt have given me the info about the producers of " In Concert" and they wouldnt have given me the bands phone number and what-the -hell....

So, I bought a 69 Tele Bass. I had learned by now that the Humbucker that Fender had on em had 8 pole pieces and the cover unsoldered just like a Gibson and the coils could be split and all sorts of tricks could be applied. This one had two sets of mini toggles. And a Jbass pickup closer to its actual Leo Fender suggested position...Sounded kinda like a Ricky 4001 on steroids.

The first one sounded the best. Something about the position of the Jbass P/U made it perfect together with the sub-lows of the humbucker.

Anybody seen it?

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Davedog Mon, 02/15/2010 - 11:22
Great to see this GAS thread back in motion. As an undate for me.....I recently traded an amp for a MM Strat with the EMG set-up. Factory stock... I think they call it the EMG 62 as its supposed to be voiced like the old P/U's. It is. Its black like my heart and has an evil side to it. Its also the quiest strat I've ever heard and if you read my earlier post, thats a whole bunch of em. I also recently changed out the stock P/U's in 'Betty' for a set of Roadhouse Pickups wound up by a friend of mine. Texas specials on steroids. They have a bark to them as well as the chime of the old strat numbers. I'm still looking for that perfect setting and I'm sure I'll go back and line the bitch with some copper....Its encouraging at this point. For you Tele and Strat lovers....and P90 folks, check out Ken. He's really starting to 'get it right'.

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Guitarfreak Wed, 09/09/2009 - 13:45
I gave a vote for Jackson because of the three guitars that I have owned it has the best feel and overall build quality. The body wood is great quality and it stays in tune very well. I see that many of you prefer Gibson and I like them, but I didn't vote for a few reasons.

1. Price - It seems that you don't get any real quality from a factory stock Gibson until you spend 2-3x what you would on a comparable guitar.

2. Quality Control - I have picked up a $3000 Gibson LP and put it down after minutes because it played and sounded horrible and wouldn't stay in tune. It wasn't one of the overplayed floor models either, the guy pulled it down so I could play it. I have also picked up a Gibson LP at around a third of the price and I almost convinced myself to buying it that very day because it was a beautifully crafted work of art and a breeze to play.

That said, I do really like the guitars they make and if I had to choose any guitar to be my next guitar, it would be a Gibson.

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fourone3 Tue, 12/11/2007 - 11:50
My first guitar was a Fender Squire. POS, I know, but I loved it. I got a Jackson Dinky Pro Reverse for half the price due to a price tag that was marked incorrectly :)

I got an Ibanez acoustic about 6 years ago (don't even ask me the model - haha), and a Schecter C1 Plus around the same time.

Of those four, I'd have to say the Schecter is by far the best. Best sounding, best feel, and best looking guitar I've owned. It ain't much, but it's mine and I love her :)