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Who Owns ADK mic

How many people actually own ADK mics ?

I noticed recently in another thread..about what mic's are in your closet, that not may people at all mentioned ADK mic's. I've heard nothing but good things said about them, on this forum in particular. And kind of expected to see more people mentioning that they owned them, so I'm just wondering how many do own and use them.


Member Fri, 10/05/2007 - 19:32
I've got a Vienna and although I don't have alot of experience with other mics in it's class, I can only say that I've been extremely pleased with it.
Something else worth mentioning. I own a ADK AP-1 pre-amp which I think sells for around $899 new. I picked it up brand new on ebay for $425 last year. There was just another one on ebay that I bid on and the bidding only went up to $365. Unfortunately the reserve wasn't met so i didn't end up with it. Don't understand it at all. It's a very nice pre, well worth the $425 I paid. Don't know why they never caught on.

Member Sat, 05/12/2007 - 10:24
I just Recorded JESUS with an ADK Hamburg Mic!!

Hey guys, I just recorded a unique project here in NYC at St John the Devine Cathedral as part of The Tribeca Film Festival. >>

I used an ADK Hamburg Condenser Mic to record JESUS !!
It was the Trinity Church Choir and 5 musicians playing live to a silent film (PASSIO). My complete Mic setup for this gig was the following;-
(2) AT4033's as overheads on the main choir
(4) Earthworks on the main soloists (singers)
(1) Shure KSM 32 on Pontius Pilot
(1) ADK HAMBURG on JESUS (the singer had such a deep resonant voice which sounded fantastic with the ADK)
(1) Earthworks on Violin
(1) AKG 451 on Viola
(1) Sennheiser MD421 on Basoon
(1) Sennheiser MD421 on Cello
(1) Shure SM58 on a VOG (pun intended) Mic
(1) Earthworks at the FOH position approx 90' from performers (Ambient Mic)
(1) Earthworks Ambient Mic at approx 120' and 30' in the air.
All recorded via a splitter box thru a Midas Venice Board to (2) Tascam DA78HR's (24bit, 44.1k) then transferred to Protools!!


Davedog Sun, 11/05/2006 - 15:53
The list is far from complete. A good indication of a mic owners happiness is a simple cruise on ebay. How many of certain mics are there used ones for sale. Not many used ADK's as a rule. While they are not 'the best' for everything, there are enough styles and models to be be a great choice for most any source.

Member Mon, 11/06/2006 - 09:43

I really like my ADK Hamburg !
It seems that they do have a much smaller foot print in the market place though, meaning they aren't really sold at the big mail order - online places (you know the names).
I take it that they are a newer and smaller company - nothing wrong with that.