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XDR vs MP20vs Ultramic

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21 years 2 months
I know most of you dislike Mackie but.
Has anyone compared the XDR's to MP20 (PreSonus)?
And how does Souncraftpres stack up.
I need to upgrade my "home studio" of a Mackie 1202 vlz.
Any help would be much appreciated:)


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21 years 2 months

archived member Thu, 03/28/2002 - 09:18
Guess I should have mentioned what the heck I'm doing. Can you tell I'm a newbie. he he.. :roll:
OK mostly bass alot of percussion (congas, bongos,
timbales and misc hand stuff) and a ocassional guitarist. although I do have a di for that, split
w/ a 421.
Genre: smooth jazz, rock, and whatever crops up.

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coldsnow Thu, 03/28/2002 - 10:24
I'd pick the presonus over the xdr for preamp use. The presonus is actually very good for the price. The XDR's sound harsh to me. The presonus has that IDSS which can sound good on certain things. I compared the Presonus pre to a Soundcraft Ghost and prefered it to those as well, althought he Ghosts do sound good for a mixer. I haven't tried the lower priced soundcrafts but I havent' heard good things about them. I think the Allen Heath might be a better way to go if you want a small mixer with good pre's. But if you just want quality pre's you can't beat the MP20 for $450.