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XLR Time Code ?


I might be needing to sync a DM24 to a digibeta soon. The DM24 accepts TC via a female RCA jack. This was not a problem while using the BeTascam SP. BNC to RCA cable.

Just saw a Digibeta. It has XLR TC input and output. What kind of a cable do i use ?

On the RCA side, do I :

float the negative ?
float the ground ?
Attach negative to ground ?

thank you



anonymous Fri, 01/07/2005 - 07:19

By XLR TC Input and Output I'm assuming you are talking about what they call AES i/o's but maybe not. If it is an AES just plug in a standard XLR cable to carry word clock to other devices. That's all I had to do with my Motu 192hd system. Someone please correct me if I am off target on this one and help Sidhu out.

Sorry I cant answer the RCA question. I'm sure someone here can.

FifthCircle Fri, 01/07/2005 - 08:57

When I've had to do this, I use any XLR-1/4 cable I can find. Some have a ground floated, some don't. Haven't really found it to matter very much. Same with the BNC I/O's that you may find...

And the XLR is not an AES I/O. Simply a balanced time code I/O. You'll also find 1/4" plugs (both balanced and unbalanced) in gear.