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XP pro ugrade problem!

I recently upgraded from windows xp media edition to xp professional.

for some reason I'm getting a CODE 28 (The drivers for this deivce are not installed) I'm getting this on my
-Multimedia Audio Controller
-PCI Simple Communications Controller
-SM Bus Contoller

Because of this i am not able to use my usb or midi controllers.

If anyone has encountered this problem please shed a little light on this...


McCheese Fri, 03/03/2006 - 19:22

What I would do:

Go to the websites for all my respective gear manufacturers (mobo, audio cards, vid card, etc...) and download all the current drivers, then burn them to CD.

Update the mobo, including BIOS.

Completely reformat the HD and do a fresh install of XP Pro

Load all the new drivers.

All three of those devices you're getting errors on are probably on your mobo, the only one that looks questionable is your MAC, but it's probably the driver for your integrated sound card.



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