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Xpand 2 for Mac. Logic Pro (no sound)

Hey music people. I have Xpand 2 for my Mac. 

Here are the specs.  

Mojave.  i7. 16 gig ram

Xpand is 64 bit. 

Here's the problem-- Thank you so much for some help!

When I go to play the keyboard there's no sound. Theres no activity on my meter in Logic Pro X either. When I play my other sounds in Logic Pro they work fine. (the meter lights up green) Also other sounds like EZdrummer they will work. Just not Xpand. 

I heard you have to have Catalina OS?

what's the deal?

Thank you so much!



kmetal Thu, 10/07/2021 - 17:13

Sorry I have no answer, never used logic, and not used a Mac for 6 years.

are you sure you have the sample loaded? Does it make a sound if you click on the midi roll on the track channel?