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Yamaha AW2400


We are an acoustic group in Bournemouth (UK) who has kindly been lent a AW2400 deck to record our music. So far, so good... :D

The problem being thet we are a bit (a lot) useless at operating it and it takes us ages to get anything done, let alone the fact that the quality we get is far from satisfactory :(

So, we had this idea: is there a wiz AW2400 operator (or at least someone who can work it half-decently) who would be kind enough to give us hand ?
If really interested and good, we could talk about getting involved in the project, both recording and doing the sound for the gigs (we are about to buy a PA and he/she could even have a say in the gear we buy...)

We currently record (or attemp to) in the afternoon, but we are prepared to switch hours to accomodate our saviour 8)

To dissipate any doubts, this is not a paid job, at least at this stage, but it could become one once we start gigging (first gig: 16june2006).

So ? Anyone interested ?
If yes, give me a call: 0798 0409 233
We are in hurry !