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Yamaha N12 or N8

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I am a solo Singer Songwriter looking to upgrade my current system of Focusrite Saffire (want a more hands on approach), also use my AW16G which is easy but I find all my recordings sound very samey on it.
I would mainly be recording guitar vocal, max 3 chanels - mic'd guitar, di guitar (taylor T5) and seperated vox via reflection filter.
would probably double or harmonise vocals and possibly send some of these out via an amp and bring back into mix.
So adding that up most of what I want to do can be done on N8, however does this limit me to 8 tracks only.
I think I am probably going to go for N12 or wait and maybe go for either onxy16 (with firewire card) or ZEDR16 so I have more flexibility.
Appreciate any advice, just want to keep things simple so I can concentrate on the music.



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hueseph Fri, 09/12/2008 - 11:25
The N8 and N12 are control surfaces as well as interfaces so, I would say they are a reasonable option if you don't want to get locked into ProTools albeit LE. Having a built in compressor on each channel is a nice feature. Which one is up to you. Do you need 12 inputs at a time?

The Brick by the way, is a tube preamp by Groove Tubes. Some people hate it. Others love it. Either way, it is likely the cheapest all tube class A preamp you will ever find.