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Hi all I dont want to start a debate but I gotta know.

Say you want your final products to be both 16/44.1 CD AND 24/96 DVD-Audio

What sample rate do you record at?

I would think 24/88.2

For the nice math down to 44.1 and I can upsample to 96k at the for the DVD version.

I was planing on doing my two separate mixes buy keeping the CD version at 88.2 till the end and the DVD audio one I would upsample to 96k at the beginning of the mix so I can do all my processing at 96k.

Is this wrong thinking? or is there a better option? am I a doof?

Ill be using lynx 2 sound cards 2 of them running together for 10 in 6 out. and anticipate using the new Samplitude 8

thanks a lot.

Comments Sat, 01/08/2005 - 13:24

Well If I was just doing DVD audio that would be what i would do but for the CD i have heard the going from 96k down to 44.1 in software particularly doesnt sound to hot where as 88.2 is reported to be better if the final output is CD.. I haven't tested it myself just what I have read from others on the forum.

Still others say that keeping its 96k the whole time for processing is worth the cost of the downsample from 96k to 44.1. But how much better will it be than processing at 88.2? Im doing my best to word this right but Im not sure If I am let me know.

thanks Sun, 01/09/2005 - 10:13

Thanks for the replys guys.. is there any decent software that will do this job well? does anyone know if samplitude is good?

Also could i just send it out as stereo 24/96 and then record it on another channel 24/44.1. Will that sound good? Can you do that even? Becuase I have 2 lynx cards I can delink them and open 2 instances of the program and just assign each program a differn't card. Is that over complicating things?


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