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Your favorite multi ch pre amp

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not sure if this is in the right place or if its been done but i was curious of ye're opinions.

from presonus firepod, firestudio, digimax etc
focusrite octopre, saffire pro etc
motu 8 pre
digi rack 003

and many many other that i may not know or havnt named.
which one do you use/would like to use and why?


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johnthemiracle Wed, 01/16/2008 - 14:45
i do use two multi channel pre amps at the moment, both of which have their own applications and are totally different in their sound:

sebatron vmp4000, 4 channel tube mic pre and
millennia media hv-3d 8 channel hi voltage mic pre

the sebatron has its own distinctive sound which is very nice on voice and vocals, as well as on some other instruments such as saxophones, bass etc.

the Millennia is great for recording classical music since it's as close to a cable with up to 80db gain as you can get. absolutely no coloration.

i can recommend both for their respective applications.