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Youtube's copyright checking system is very clever!

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I thought I'd experiment with how Youtube compares the music in videos and how it tags them for copyright claims.

I found on Youtube the isolated vocal for Adele's Skyfall, and downloaded it. I then took a track I'd been working on a year or so back of that track, and see if I could use the real Adele vocal track. The song is pretty close, but a different length, and slightly different in the format. It's different in length, some instrumentation, some actual notes are different, the mix is not quite the same and I chopped up Adele's vocals to make it fit. To a human, it sounds pretty much the same song, but with all the differences I figured these would flummox any automated comparison system, unless it was very, very clever. It took 13 minutes to demonstrate it is extremely clever - and I got the copyright claI'm notice.

I know we're only guessing - but how on earth does this analysis work? The key is the same - but if you laid one version on a time line against the other - there really isn't much that looks the same. I picked it because once it gets going, it's a very dense mix - but the beginning intro is just a solo piano - do you think this could have been the trigger?