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Basement studio update

Do you want to help me build up a studio? (I wanna steal your thougth!)

Rigth now i am thinking of building up a guitar rack, but i dont have a clue what to get, i currently have a pod xt live but it sounds like crap. should I run the rack system through the amp and then record with a mic or is the rack system just DI?

This is how my studio looks at the moment ( minus the two plasma screens and laptop dock i got today) .

What is basically Got rigth now is

Yamaha dtxtreme elec.kit and module -
-Its plugged into Cubase and the signals are converted into DFH
Jackson kerry king (Bb tuning)
Marshall Valvestate (sounds like crap)
mlx room mic
Cubase sx
Big ben amp box( sounds even worse)
Line6 pod xt live floorboard
Xml compression stomp
2 track behringer mixer for various purposes
Peavey miniature bass amp ( dont know why i still keep this one haha)

On the shopping list

sm57 mic
Two studio speakers

Rack system - need help here PLZ!