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Bass traps on a budget

I have know since I set up shop that the LF in my monitoring environment had some peaks. Not as bad as a bedroom, but definitely not smooth. (The monitors are B&W 801series III which can definitely reproduce 25Hz, and flat to boot.)

So I had been reading and thinking for a long time about what to do that was in the budget. I had already dealt with MF and HF issues with acoustic foam and sound blankets. Not to the point of re-creating a closet, but something that looked pretty smooth with pink noise and real time analysis.

I was plotting how to afford and install "Real Traps" when I stumbled on Ethan Winer's website:

This is a TON of information which debunks many tightly-held acoustic myths.

Now all I needed was an affordable source of Owens-Corning 703 or 705FRF. This turned into a dead-end canyon. For the first time EVER Google let me down.

Then I discovered ATS Acoustics.

Their 4-inch thick 2x4s (stacked one on top of the other for 2x8) without the backing was just the ticket. After doing only 2 out of 3 corners the difference was noticeable and ’’tighter.’’

Adding a pair of 2x2 (2-inch thick) squares on the ceiling to eliminate the reflections from the monitors was the finishing touch.

For the first time I am hearing my monitors without distracting reflections from the room. It’s hard to believe I made this much improvement for about $350. The overall sound is more even and coherent and the imaging is like wearing headphones!

Happy camper Rich