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Debunk this for me? Aural Xpanders from Auralex.

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On one hand I am thinking, this looks like a semidecent effort to block some bleed, I know that my giant foam block gobos help,but on the other hand I am thinking that perhaps some "comb filtering"(i am not sure that is the exact phrase) or phasing would happen to some degree from reflections of off what did not get absorbed.

anyone ever done anechoic testing on these?

Auralex is a company that I have never bought anything from, mostly because DIY is better, BUT I was given a set of these for free, I dont even want to open it if I dont have to, I am sure I can trade it or something and things tend to be worth more "in the box".

It would be sweet if this is not a gimmick, cuz I LOVE drums, and I am always hoping to always outdo my last sound.


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Kurt Foster Sun, 11/30/2003 - 17:20
That is the almost stupidist thing I have ever seen. By putting anything in back of a cardioid mic as pictured in the snare drum photo,

you actually make the mic more omni directional and cause it to pick up more spill ... What makes a cardioid mic directional is the pick up of soundwaves from the rear of the capsule through baffels that time delay the soundwave making it out of phase with the soundwaves from the front.

This is completely useless
In cardioid pattern the mic picks nothing (or very little) from the rear of the mic..

I guess Auarlaex figures some people have more money than they know what to do with.. hee hee hee hee

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realdynamix Sun, 11/30/2003 - 20:02
:D Lets not get too hasty here, I am sure thousands of research hours and millions of dollars went into this development.

All the major mic designers may have just missed something down the physics path. That the very packing foam used to protect their mics in their cases, was the acoustic answer to all the problems since the first mic was made.

To me, it seems like how the triangle corn chip was made. What to do with all the left over pieces once the corn tortilla was cut out?
Pass the dip please...