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Drum Room

Hey guys, Right now I'm trying to record drums, but I just cant get the sound I'm looking for. My kit is in a 10x11 room with heavy foam and blankets. The rest of my house is completely open. I was thinking of moving my drums to the living room. OK, so heres my question, does the room really have a big effect on a close miked drum kit? Should I move my kit to record?


Member Thu, 03/25/2010 - 01:29
Yes, oh yes it does. You are probably sucking most of the high-end out of the small room you're recording in. Foam and blankets only absorbs high frequencies. On top of this, the small room will have a lot of low-end build up. This means, your drums will be boomy, muddy and missing a lot of high-end definition. (even if you close mic) Moving to a bigger room will help a lot. If you stay in the small room, you need a mix of bass traps and broadband absorption. (more bass trapping than anything most likely) -- I would choose the larger liver sounding room though.