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Hey everyone

Im new in the forum and i haev some questions that i hope you could answer me.
I have a budget of 1500$ and i was thinking on getting some acoustic treatment in my home recording studio cause I'm really starting to record allot lately.
Im looking or something really really good and is tehre something that i can put in my room beside the acoustic that will make the room soundproof? (cause ive been told that acoustic and soundproofing is a different things).
Im looking for some good cables too and maybe ill buy a michrophone shield.
I really want to buy a good synthesizer and earphones,so please tell me waht you thinking

my room is very big one wall is 129.1ft² (square feet) and the other one is 64.5ft² (square feet) and then theres the door and the window.


anonymous Sun, 10/05/2014 - 15:00

Acoustic treatment and soundproofing are different. Acoustic treatment treats the space you are in for an optimum listening conditions, insuring that what you hear is what is truly there.

Soundproofing is the process of stopping sound from leaking either in or out of your room.

The good news is, there's help. And this, directly below this sentence, is your first step to both of the above. Don't do anything until you've read this:

Don't guess, don't let friends tell you what you should do, don't assume anything and for the love of God, don't run out and buy Auralex foam.

Buy the book. If you are truly serious about wanting to treat your space, it will be your bible.

There's no point in further discussion of acoustics or soundproofing. No one here, with the exception of the book's author (Rod Gervais) and RO members Space and Andre, can tell you anything better or more accurate than what is in that book.

Buy the book. Read the book. Study the book. Then study it again. After you have done that, come back here with your questions, and perhaps one of the gentlemen above will assist you. Rod is very accommodating to questions from people who have bought and read his book.

So....Why are you still here looking at this page? Shouldn't you be on Amazon right now buying the book?

Space Mon, 10/06/2014 - 19:57

Alonyamin, post: 419976, member: 48504 wrote:
my room is very big one wall is 129.1ft² (square feet) and the other one is 64.5ft² (square feet) and then theres the door and the window.

With anything, Alonyamin, details matter. While you post the square footage of the walls that helps very little since it would be better to address the footprint of the room. the L/W/H or length/ width/height since we can tell what issues you might have sonically from this information.

Assuming an 8 foot wall height, your room is about 8 feet wide by 16 feet deep.

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