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Green Glue question

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I have a question about the green glue. I could not find the answer on their website, or here. Once the drywall is sandwhich together with the green glue, how soon can I put the backing rod around the perimeter and then seal it up with the Green Glue sealant? Do I need to wait 24hrs before caulking? I realize the Green Glue never really dries but just want to make sure before applying the sealant. Thanks


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kmetal Tue, 01/15/2019 - 11:04
I dont know the answer off hand, i would contact GG directly. I would also verify that GG is applicable for use on strips between bays, when adding mass to an existing basement ceiling. Ive only ever seen data for Full Sheets of drywall.

As far as sealant, you can use a standard non hardening caulking like 100% silicone, or Butyl caulking. This is equally effective as any brand name 'acoustical sealant' and often much lower priced.